A Colorful Bullet Journal Future Log

Posted by blitsy
If you want to add some color to your planning, this Bullet Journal Future Log is just for you!

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When I started using a Bullet Journal, my hope was to become more organized. With everyhting going on in my life, I needed to find a way to wrangle all of my upcoming events and appointments in to one spot. The Bullet Journal future log module is exactly what I needed to see everything important at a glance. If you're new to Bullet Journaling, check out the my overview for more details.

Since adding the future log to my Bullet Journal, I feel more organized and ahead of my monthly to-dos. Being able to get a high-level overview of my year is really helpful. With all of the birthdays, dr. visits, and other important dates (you know, like my anniversary?!) it's nice to have everything in one spot so I know prior to an event if I have any actions items. I can now see when I have a birthday party coming up and allow enough time before hand to buy an actual gift instead of giving cash, which is my usual last minute go-to!

I wanted to make sure my future log was colorful when I created it. I find that incorporating color into my planning keeps me motivated and I stick to my daily tasks and to-dos. To create my Bullet Journal future log, I added 12 boxes across two pages to accommodate each month in the year. I abbreviated each month at the top of each box. I added a colorful border to each month as well as a dash border around the inside. Anytime a new event or important appointment comes up, I add it to my future log so I can stay on top of everything!

You can be more minimal in your design, however, I find that color motivates me. Do whatever design works for you - the overall goal is to be more organized! Check out the full video below to see how I created my colorful Bullet Journal Future Log!


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