A Closer Look at the Ultimate Book Company Scrapbooking Sentiments Books

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Never stuggle for words again! Take a look inside the scrapbooking sentiments books from the Ultimate Book Company.

Guess what? We have new books up on the site today!

I am super excited to introduce books from the Ultimate Book Company! Okay, you guys, these books are going to change the way you scrapbook and card make. How, you ask? By providing you with the toolkit you need to incorporate thoughtful sentiments into all of you projects! These books take the guess work out of what to write when scrapbooking and card making. I know I have spent hours trying to come up with the perfect sentiment for a card, only to come up with nothing. I've even walked away and retuned to my card, but still nada! Just think of the hours you will get back just by adding these books to your life! Oh, and did I mention that Color Made Easy provides guidance on what color schemes work well together? This book comes with color swatches that can be ripped out and kept on hand so you can find that perfect color of paper, ribbon, or ink!

In case you thought these books from the Ultimate Book Company were just for Scrapbookers, think again! They also have a book that provides a step-by-step guide for creating the perfect doodle. Doodling is not just for kids. It's for dreamers, creators, and thinkers. Doodling is a great way to get those thoughts and ideas that live in your head down on paper! Last, but certainly not least, there is a book perfect for teachers. The book Board Smartz provides teachers with creative ideas for their classroom bulletin boards. There are clever themes to help guide creativity. Bulletin boards are basically oversized scrapbook pages, i'm just sayin'!

Check out all of the books we have from the Ultimate Book Company for a quick look inside!

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word contains 1000s of quotes, poems & prompts for scrapbooking, journaling, card making, crafting and more! This all new volume will give you words for any occasion and it's index covers a plethora of topics!

Where's Thena? I Need a Poem About... includes original poems organized by themes relating to life, love and family. Special poems to share on a special occasion. Words that will touch the hearts of young and old alike.

It would seem that scrapbooking would have little to do with the classroom, but in the words of Thena Smith, retired teacher and author of several scrapbooking related books, "Bulletin boards are simply over-sized scrapbook pages!" Board Smartz was written to inspire educators to incorporate scrapbooking ideas into the classroom by creating boards that pop with educational pizzazz. 'Board' contains hundreds of classroom topics that will inspire you and your students of all ages with thought provoking displays. Students will love to learn as they read Thena's colorful and original poetry. Designed for the busy teacher to create great looking bulletin boards and children's projects quickly and easily. 'BoardSmartz' makes a great and useful gift for that special teacher.

The Doodle Formula is a delightful book showing the reader that doodles can be used on many things! Did you think doodling was just for daydreamers? Think again! It's fun, fast and the latest craze in scrapbooking! Adrienne Looman, designer for Urban Lily and ScrapinStyle TV has published her first book with Bluegrass Publishing. This sassy and sophisticated new title, 'The Doodle Formula: A step by step guide to creating the perfect doodle' redefines the art of doodling by teaching readers how to incorporate doodling into craft projects and discover their own unique doodle personality. Adrienne offers an easy, step-by-step guide to creating your own doodles with full-color designs and ideas to inspire you. She also shares some of her own intricate doodlings.

Color Made Easy: Instant Color Palettes makes choosing colors for crafting and scrapbooking easier than ever before! Misti Tracy teaches the crafter to match colors to the mood of their project, rather than the usual lessons about complementary hues and the color wheel. 'Color' takes the guesswork out of color coordinating with 525 color combination in unique color palettes. Tracy's palettes have names such as Nostalgic, Bold and Powerful and Groovy 60's. 'Color' contains over 100 creative kick-starts for fast and easy color design and journaling ideas. Also, there are over 250 project themes for perfect color combinations and 100 full color examples to spark creativity. This title is ideal for crafting, home decorating and fashion; a must-have for anyone who works with color. An index of themes is included to help crafters match their themes to palettes. Also included is the 180 color "Color Buddy"--a quick reference guide to Tracy's color palettes. It fits easily into a purse or craft bag for trips to the craft stores or where matching is a must. Color Made Easy makes choosing colors fast, easy and fun!

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Kids, Vol. 2, is 384 pages of remarkable rhymes, timeless treasures, delightful, dandy and darling ditties. Selections provide bits of wisdom on topics from boo-boos to school pictures which chronicle a child's Elementary School years. It's has the largest collection of thoughts and saying about grade school kids!