8 Ways To Get Your Sharpie On

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Back in the day when someone needed a Sharpie, it was because they were writing their name inside of their gym shorts (gotta make sure they don't get mixed up with your neighbor in gym class!). Oh, and they only came in black. Man, have Sharpies evolved since then!

Not only have the colors evolved (hello, neons and metallics!), but the uses have skyrocketed beyond just marking school items with your name. Pinterest has been blowing up lately with some pretty amazing project ideas. Apparently Sharpies react extremely well with rubbing alcohol to create seriously cool designs. Who knew?

Check out these 8 way you can use a Sharpie to transform a chair, bowl, staples and MORE!

Over at the Little Green Notebook, black dots were added to a white chair to take it to the next level!

Use a Sharpie to create cute little doodles on gift bags or lunch bags. via babalisme

Don't pay for colored staples, use a Sharpie to get the perfect color! via House of Huntly

This Sharpie project by Vintage Revivals is beyond amazing! She used a Sharpie to create her own wallpaper. Genius!

Sometimes you need to add a little pattern to your lamp. You can do that with a Sharpie! via Better Homes and Gardens

Grab some wood pieces and Sharpies to create these one-of-a-kind key chains. via How About Orange

Transform plain white bowls into gorgeous metallic accented catchalls. via SL by Stephanie Lynn

Create a modern pouch with muslin fabric and brighly colored Sharpies. via Dismount Creative