6 Projects That Use Chicken Wire

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Normally when chicken wire comes to mind, I envision chickens in a coop pecking around on the ground. To be honest, the visual is not all that glamourous. However, this wire that is typically known for keeping chickens in one place can be used to create some truly beautiful projects. Stay with me on this one...

You will be amazed at all of these awesome DIY chicken wire creations. Theres a farmhouse light, a bracelet, and even a cheery memo board all made out of chicken wire! You need to check out all of the fantastic projects below!

Which one is your favorite? I love the laundry room farmhouse light. The other supply used will totally shock you!

Laundry Room Farmhouse Light via The Wood Grain Cottage.

Wire Chicken Cloche via The Homeroad.

Chicken Wire Bracelet via Blitsy.

Chicken wire basket via A Thousand Words.

DIY Chicken Wire Frame via Ashley Anne Photography.

Chicken Wire Wall Shelf via Crafty Sisters.