5 Reasons to Love Adult Coloring Books

Posted by Katy Weade

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If you haven't jumped on the Adult Coloring Book bandwagon yet, you're definitely missing out! Here are 5 reasons we love this new trend

1. Beautiful Designs

We're talking intricate patterns and details, here! You'll get lost in the beautiful designs available. Regardless if you're into whimsical, botanical, boho, or even animals, there is something for everyone!

2. Stress Reliever

Forget all of your worries and get lost in coloring!

3. Digital Detox

Let's face it - We could all use a break from our phones, email, social media, and televisions! A digital detox every now and then can be refreshing. Hey, when you're done coloring you can always go back to your phone and share a pic of your work on Instagram (ps follow us while you're at it) :)

4. Do it WITH the kids

Give your kids or grandkids a coloring book they'll love while you enjoy yours! It's the perfect activity to keep you both busy on a rainy day.

5. There's no wrong way to do it

The great thing about coloring and Adult Coloring Books is that there is really no wrong way to do it. We all learned to color when we were kids, just try to stay in the lines and you're all good! As you practice you'll learn shading and techniques that will make you love your adult coloring books even more.

Are there any coloring benefits that I missed? Are you jumping on this trend? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Crafting!