5 Minute DIY Braided Mixed Metal Bracelet

Posted by Meghan Quinones
This quick & easy DIY mixed metal bracelet will be your new go-to accessory!

I remember when I was younger and the only jewelry I would wear was silver jewelry. My friends and I would quiver in disgust at the thought of wearing anything other that silver jewelry. When I thought of gold jewelry (I don't recall there being any other metal finishes besides silver and gold when I was younger) I associated it with old people aka, my mom.

It's funny as we grow older we start to realize we are actually turning into our mothers (she always warned us it would happen!). Trends have changed a bit from when I was younger. Gold has had a huge rebirth and is (quite possibly) the most popular jewelry metal finish out there these days and, gasp, I am a HUGE fan! I know, I know , she (my mom) was right! I am loving all of the gorgeous gold jewelry out there right now, however there seem to be a few new metal finishes relatively new on the scene.

Finishes like copper, gunmetal, and brass are also seem to be quite popular these days. Maybe these metal finishes have been around forever, I just don't remember them being present when I was younger. I do know, however, that I am also in love with the way these metal finishes look. Since my jewelry collection consists mainly of gold jewelry, I thought it was time to branch out a little bit and incorporate one of the other metal finishes into the mix.

Since I could not make up my mind on which metal finish to go with (story of my life!), I decided to do a mix of brass (antique gold), copper, and silver. I just braided my different colored chain together, which held all of my chians nicely in place nad made my bracelet more of statement.

You can create your own braided mixed metal bracelet in 5 minutes! Check out my step by step video below.

What metal finish team are you on?

Let's get crafty!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Antique Copper Chain
  • Antique Silver Chain
  • Antique Gold Chain
  • 2 Jewelry Pliers
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • Clasp