3 Ways...Inka Gold

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Metallics are SUPER popular right now. Well, they have actually been popular for quite some time now. If you want to get on the metallics bandwagon, you need to check out Inka Gold. Inka Gold is a fast drying metal gloss paint containing natural Bees Wax. The elegant precious metal finish is easy to apply and polish, and is weather and water resistant! You can instantly transform (pretty much) anything with Inka Gold. Check out the 3 ways some of our fellow bloggers used Inka Gold below!

Have you ever used Inka Gold before? How did you use it?

Here are 3 ways to use Inka Gold:

  1. Faux Letterpress via Crafted Niche
  2. DIY Arrow Jewelry Holder via Lemonade Making Mama
  3. DIY Inka Gold Earrings