3 Things To Make This Week With Blitsy - Week of November 23rd

Posted by Meghan Quinones
This weeks 3 Things to Make include a cheerful Santa for your kids, sparkly snowflake magnets, and a colorful piece of artwork for your home!

Are you ready to get crafty this week? We have some super cute projects for you to try out!

Every week we bring you 3 Things to Make With Blitsy. This includes 3 projects that are so easy, you can totally complete them this week! We are sharing fun shimmery snowflake magnets made out of MD metal sheets, a mixed media piece of artwork that uses two different stencils, and a playful paper Santa to remind your kids he is always watching!

Let's get crafty!

Do you ever tell your kids to be on their best behavior because Santa Claus is watching them? Why not make that statement a reality with this adorable paper santa! You could hang this little Santa on your fridge, turn it into a place card, or add it to your Christmas tree!

Instead of spending a ton of money on a piece of artwork , why not create your own custom artwork! This piece of artwork used two different stencils to achieve the look flower and hummingbird design. If you are new to mixed media, this project is a great starting point. It is very simple, but has a huge impact. If you are feeling inspired to create your own version, you can see the full tutorial here!

When the holidays roll around, you can bet the Christmas cards will start coming in. It's the time of year when people share photos and updates on their families. Instead of tossing your cards into a basket or bin, why not hang them on your fridge with glittery snowflake magnets! These magnets are super festive and will make your fridge look very fancy. Grab yourself an MD metal sheet, glitter, Mod Podge, and magnets and you are all set!