3 Things to Make This Week With Blitsy - Week of July 18th

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Give your space a facelift with this weeks 3 Things to Make With Blitsy home decor projects!

Hey Guys!

It's another week, which means more inspiration coming your way. This week, we are focusing on fun home decor projects. If you are bored with your current decor, you are going to love these three fun, modern projects from a mini shelf made out of an unexpected supply to a bowl made out of quilling papers! You can check out all three projects below!

Which project(s) will you be making this week?

Popsicle sticks are no longer a craft supply for kids! Grab a bag of them to create a trendy shelf! You can arrange your sticks in different designs to create unique shelves to house anything from small air plants to a pretty picture frame. Add pretty paper or paint them with a pop of color to totally customize your shelf to match any room in your home!

This project is a unique way to store and display your favorite rings and bracelets. To create this Dinosaur Ring Holder, grab a plastic dinosaur, spray paint, and a planter pot base. In just a few steps your dino ring holder will come to life. You will only have to look as far as your dino's head or tail to find your go-to jewelry from now on! Just think how cute this ring holder would be on your dresser or nightstand.

If you love the look of quilling papers (but have no idea how to quill) you are in luck because this projects incorporates quilling papers, but there are no tools required! Pick your favorite paper colors, dip them into Mod Podge and add then add them to the bottom of a balloon to create a round bowl. After your papers dry, you will be left with a sturdy container. Just think of all the fun you can have creating pretty mini trinket dishes perfect for jewelry or small craft supplies like washi tape and buttons!