3 Things To Make This Week With Blitsy - Week of January 25th

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Come find some DIY project inspiration with this week's 3 Things to Make With Blitsy.

Do you have hearts and love on your brain these days? If not, you should because Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Today we have three projects to get your heart fluttering and get you in the mood for Valentine's Day!

If you are planning a Valentine's Day party these easy and ADORABLE conversation heart treat boxes are the perfect home for your sweet of choice. We also have fun garland for you to add to your party that incorporates festive tags and stickers! To round out your party, why not make a love bug favor for your guests to take with them!

If you ask me what comes to mind when I think of Valentine's Day, I always think of Conversation Heart Candies! These have always been a staple when Valentine's Day rolls around each year. You can take the idea of conversation hearts one step further by transforming paper mache boxes into cute conversation heart treat containers! All you need is a heart-shaped paper mache box, paint, and a chalk marker. Toss in your favorite treat and you are good to go!

Show your kiddos some love with these playful little love bugs. These fuzzy little friends are so easy to make. Start with a yarn pom-pom and then add felt, a pipe cleaner, and googly eyes! Just think of all of the fun your kids will have with their very own love bug (FYI, these love bugs are also fun to toss around :D).

Finish off your Valentine's Day decor with this quick garland. What's a party without a festive garland? Grab some stickers, embellishments and tags to create your own Valentine's Day garland. Display your garland anywhere in your home to instantly add an extra jolt of love. You could also use the garland as gift wrap. The possibilities are endless!