3 Things To Make This Week With Blitsy - Week of December 27th

Posted by Meghan Quinones
With all of your Christmas crafting finished, what ever shall you make now??? Don't worry, we have you covered with these 3 things to make with Blitsy!

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone.The holidays always seems to fly by so quickly! If you were a busy elf making gifts, cards, and baked goods it probably feels a bit strange to have all of your crafting efforts come to a screeching halt. You may be thinking what on Earth will you make next? It's so hard to switch gears from all of the Christmas crafting you have been doing to projects that are outside of Christmas, but we are here to help you with that!

If you are challenged when it comes to keeping plants alive, you need to grab some faux succulents and create this vertical garden! All you need are some wooden containers, magnets, and faux succulents (you could also use real plants if you don't have a habit of killing them!). You can add a pretty garden to any metal surface in your home. Just think of all the fun you can have these magnetic planters! Check out the full tutorial here!

If you love a good trash-to-treasure, you are going to love this faux bois stitched journal. To create the cover of this adorable journal, all you need is a cereal box. Yep, that's right! With a few other supplies, you will be on your way to creating a playful joutnal out of something that would have made its way to the landfill! See how to make your very own cereal box journal here.

If you need to give your office space a little lift, you need to make these easy marbled pushpins. The technique of marbling has become super popular. The best part about this popular trend is you only need nail polish to achieve the cool effect! You can pick nail polish colors that match your office decor to complete the look of your space.