3 Things to Make This Week With Blitsy - Week of April 18

Ready to get crafty? Here are three projects that will help get you on your way this week!

Who's ready to get crafty? We're back this week with three more fun & easy craft projects that will help inspire you to start DIYing this week!

This project is three of my favorite things: fun, simple, and trendy! This easy-to-make accent piece will be the perfect addition to your vanity, or will make a great gift for your friends!

Spring officially made it to Chicago this weekend (naturally, I was out of town ;)), so this seemed like the perfect time to pull this project out of the archives! On first glance you may not be able to tell what's DIY about these, but those silver straps actually started out solid! Meghan used a leather punch to create a pattern in these sandals, and then made them pop with some quick & easy embroidery! Get the full tutorial here.

You need something to carry all your craft supplies around in, right? Nothing better than a tote you made yourself! This tote was made with Tulip Color Shot sprays, which provide even coverage and are washable after 72 hours! By combining the pink & yellow Claudia was able to get an amazing ombre effect! What would your DIY tote bag say!