3 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids—And You!

Posted by Katy Weade
Already carved some jack-o’-lanterns and looking for some easy Halloween crafts to do with your kids? We’ve got you covered. Try these 3 ideas!

Pumpkin patches. Apple picking. Costume contests. Chocolate. And oh yeah - the crafts. There are *so* many reasons why we love fall, but Halloween crafts are near the top of the list.

1) Black Cat Magic

What You Need:

What to Do:

  1. Use the WRMK punch board to cut the black construction paper into the shape pictured above
  2. Stick or glue googly eyes
  3. Use the punch board on the white construction paper to create the cat's nose and glue it on
  4. Use a white colored pencil to draw on the cat's mouth and whiskers

Voila! You can stick these cute kitties on the fridge, in the windows, or on the front door.

2) Pumpkin Season

What You Need:

What to Do:

  1. Use 3 sheets of orange construction paper to make 3 paper fans. To make a fan, make small alternating folds along the "hot-dog" side of the construction paper. The sheet of paper should look like an accordion. Then, fold this in half to form a fan.
  2. Secure the sides that meet with a stapler (help the kids with this part!) to form a circular fan
  3. Cut pumpkin eyes, noses, and faces from the black construction paper and glue them on the fans
  4. Roll up strips of brown construction paper to form the pumpkin stem and secure with glue
  5. Snip small holes in the tops of the pumpkins and slide string through the holes to make a garland

Once Halloween is over, you can store these and bring them out for next year!

What You Need:

What to Do:

  1. Use the WRMK punch board to cut a triangle out of yellow construction paper
  2. Use the yellow construction paper as a template to make smaller triangles out of orange and white paper
  3. Glue the paper together to form the tricolor candy corn pictured above
  4. Use the punch board to punch two holes in the top corners of the candy corn
  5. Slide string through the holes to create a candy corn garland

This adorable garland can be strung up wherever you need some Halloween cheer.

Happy Halloween

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