3 DIY Book Covers to Try Out

Posted by Meghan Quinones
If you have an ugly book you want to cover, or if just feel like personalizing your school books, here are 3 DIY book covers you will want to try out!

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Whether you are looking to breathe new life into the the front of an old book or add a little personality into a rented schoolbook, these 3 DIY book covers are all you need!

I love having the ability to take something that's boring and transform it into something much prettier. Giving old book covers a fresh look is actually really simple to do. I am going to show you how to create DIY book covers that do not require adhesive. That's right, no glue required! You don't have to worry about the book police coming after you since these DIY book covers can be removed!


Alright, so here's how to cover a book without using any adhesives. Cut a piece of paper that is larger than the book you are covering. You'll want to make sure there is at least an inch of paper above and below your book. You'll also want to make sure the length of the paper is long enough to fold over the front and back covers. Now it's time to make some folds. Make sure your book is in the center of your paper. Begin folding the paper up on the top and bottom. You can mark this so you know where to fold your paper. Then, fold the paper over. Next, fold the paper over and under your front cover. If there is excess paper, trim it off. Then, flip your book over to the other side and repeat this process. This book covering process will work with other book sizes as well. You may need to find a larger or smaller piece of paper depending on the size of your book.Go ahead and open the cover of the book. Slip the cover into the flaps you created. This will hold your cover in place. You'll repeat this step on the back cover of your book.

Okay, now it's time for the best part--decorating your DIY book covers!

1. DIY Book Covers: Polka Dot Design

The first design pairs ink pads and a pencil eraser. The eraser is a bit unexpected, but it creates the cutest little polka dot design. After you add the paper cover to your book, start adding polka dots until you are happy with the design (WARNING: stamping these little dots can be addicting!). After you've added your polks dots, you can stop there, or you can add a piece of washi tape and mark the subject of your book on the front cover.

2. DIY Book Covers: Pretty Foil Design

For the second design, you will only need two supplies: Scor Tape and Foil. You don't even have to use scissors to cut the tape, you can just rip it with your fingers! You'll peel the back off of the tape and add it to your cover. Place pieces of tape in a random pattern until you have the design you want. Cut a piece of foil and place it on top of the exposed adhesive. You'll want to make sure the silver side is facing down. Use your fingers to press down on the foil making sure it sticks to the adhesive. Once the foil is nice and stuck, peel it up. You'll repeat this process with your other strips of adhesive. By ripping the tape, you'll create a cool paint brush effect. If you prefer a straight edge, grab your scissors and cut your tape instead. Once you add all of your foil, you will be left with a pretty and sophisticated book cover that can be placed on a shelf or coffee table as an instant accent piece.

3. DIY Book Covers: Scallop Design

Another fun DIY book cover option is to add a pretty scallop design made out of half circles. Getting this look is super simple. All you need is a one inch circle paper punch, cardstock, stick-it, and scissors. Add Stick-it to the back of your cardstock. Use your punch to punch out multiple circles. Once you've cut out about 15 circles, cut them in half. Peel off the liner on the back of your circle and place it in the middle of your front cover a few inches from the bottom. Continue this process until you have an entire row created. Trim any half circles that are hanging over the edge. Add as many rows of scallops as you want. Instead of using solid colors, you could always use pretty scrapbook paper for even more impact!

Now that you are a book cover expert, what books will you be covering? Will you be transforming a thrift store find into a home decor piece, or will you be putting your personalized touch on your school book? Let us know in the comments below.