3 Brush Pen Watercolor Techniques To Try

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
These new pens from Kuretake Zig are perfect for creating a variety of watercolor effects with ease!

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3 New Kuretake Zig Products + 3 Brush Pen Watercolor Techniques!

If you love effortless watercolor techniques, you are going to love all of the new pens from Kuretake Zig. They are water-based and therefore create beautiful watercolor effects when used with a waterbrush. Below is a little more info on the new products as well as how to use them for painterly effects!

Zig Clean Color FB Pens

Clean Color FB Pens feature:
- Single sided nylon bristle brush tip
- Water-based dye with a wide range of colors
- Nylon bristle brush is small & flexible with great elasticity
- Easily go from thin to thick lines in one stroke
- Extremely blendable, self cleaning for tip-to-tip color blending techniques without contamination
- Great for scrapbooking, rubber stamping, illustration, cartooning, fine arts, brush lettering, and one of the most popular, card making

I absolutely love the range of colors in the Zig Clean Color FB Line. From the softest pastels to the boldest hues, you'll find that creating watercolor washes is a cinch with these pens. For the card below I simply stamped my image in permanent black ink onto watercolor cardstock and filled in areas using the brush pens. I applied a darker shade at the base of my image and then added a tiny amount of a lighter shade towards the top. I then took my Zig BrusH2O waterbrush and blended the colors together. Working with a waterbrush is great because you can easily adjust how dark or light the color is by applying more water and dabbing with a paper towel or adding more ink from the pen. It is practically foolproof!

Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pens

Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pens are:
- A water-based pigment pen available in various colors
- Single-sided with a semi flexible felt tip for easy control
- Great for brush lettering techniques

These pens are great for adding a watercolor effect to your hand lettering. They aren't quite as flexible as other brush lettering pens which in this instance is great for beginners because it requires less control to create characters. By writing with one and then going back in and blending the word out with a waterbrush, you get an effect similar to the look created by using only a paintbrush and watercolor paints. Experiment with stroke width and amount of water added to create soft or bold type.

Zig Art & Graphic Twin RB+F

Zig Art & Graphic Twin RB+F are:
- Dual-sided with a 0.8mm fine tip for fine detailed work & a highly saturated flexible rubber brush tip for larger applications
- A water-based dye, suitable for most paper
- Easy mixing and blending properties

The brush tip on these pens is very flexible and mimics the feel of a real paintbrush. I am really happy with the painterly effects they create when using them to rubber stamp images. I simply applied colors to my stamp and created an impression. I then used a waterbrush to blend the colors in the image. The results are a beautiful, bright composition that looks loose and hand done as opposed to stamped.

These three new pens, while all waterbased, have different features that create options for artists and crafters. All of the techniques above can be achieved using any of the three varieties, however I found that the combinations I used created the best results for each individual look. Experiment with these pens to find out which tip you are most comfortable working with and you'll find one that suits your watercolor needs. I happen to love the different color options and brush tips so much I use all three regularly!

Happy Crafting!