15 Relaxing DIY Body Scrubs

Posted by Meghan Quinones
If you are still feeling the stress from the holidays, these 15 DIY body scrubs will have you well on your way to the relaxation.

When the holidays roll around each year, most people begin adding tasks to their to-do list, from making gifts, buying gifts, baking cookies, and so much more. The stress can really start to add up with so much going on. Now that the holidays have come and gone (and the new year is right around the corner), it's time to treat yourself to something relaxing.

If your body could really use some TLC, you can pamper yourself with these easy (and refreshing!) DIY body scrubs! I have rounded up some of the yummiest scrubs for you to try. Most of these look so good you could eat them! However, it is probably best that you do not ingest them. Something tells me they do not take as good as one would hope. :) Enjoy!

I image this Jasmine and Lavender Scrub via Wallflower Girl will instantly relax you.

You can not go wrong with this DIY Blueberry Lemon Body Scrub via Dear Crissy. I bet it smells amazing!

If you love mangos this DIY Mango Sugar Scrub via Revamperate is right up your alley.

After the holidays, this Stress relieving sugar scrub via Style and Spice is just what you need!

This Grapefruit Sugar Scrub via Twine and Table will help get you to your happy place stat!

This Virgin Mojito Body Scrub via The Make-Up Dummy will make you want the adult version!

If you are over the cold Winter, why not channel the Summer with this DIY Watermelon Scrub via Pink Heels Pink Truck!

For this DIY Gardener's Scrub via The Cottage Market all you need to do is head to your garden for your supplies! So easy!

The name of this body scrub says it all. Calming rose sugar and salt body scrub via Sprouting Healthy Habits.

This Mediterranean Sugar Scrub via Woods of Bell Trees will take you away to your own private island oasis!

This Invigorating Orange Sugar Scrub via Almost Super Mom will give you the energy you need to finally tackle taking down those Christmas decorations!

Instead of putting cucumbers on your eyes, why not put this Cucumber Body Scrub via Dear Crissy all over your body?!

This Orange Olive Oil Body Scrub via Rose and Ivy Journal will make you instantly say "Ahhh...".

If your lips are in need of some lovin', try out this Bubblegum Lip Scrub via Hairspray & High Heels!

This yummy DIY Mint Mocha Body Scrub via Vegan Yack Attack not only smells good, but it will leave you totally relaxed!