15 Hand Lettering Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You

Are you interested in learning calligraphy and hand lettering? These 15 Instagram accounts will inspire you.

We're almost a full month into 2016 (whaaat?), and I think I've settled on my biggest crafty goal for the year: learning hand-lettering! I've never been overwhelmingly fond of my handwriting, but here's the thing: that has basically nothing to do with calligraphy. Calligraphy and hand-lettering are more art than writing; it's all about learning the correct strokes and muscle memorization. So even if you can barely read your own chicken scratch, don't let it scare you away from giving this art form a try!

A great source of inspiration? Instagram! There are countless talented artists using the platform to show off their latest works, and the calligraphy community is a huge part of it! I've got my brand new Kuretake watercolors all ready to go, and I'm ready to dive in headfirst! In order to help me get started (and you!), here are 15 amazing hand lettering Instagram accounts that will jumpstart your art!

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Take it from @maggie_allen_, once you learn calligraphy, you can add to anything!

The watercolor trend isn't going anywhere! @amandaarneill used hers to create beautiful ombre effects.

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Check out @everytuesday's Instagram account for a ton of great hand lettering videos!

@everydayfleur packed some motivation into this piece!

Got a favorite creative quote? Learn hand lettering and you can DIY it into beautiful art, like @brittanynicoledesign.

Start out with a blank canvas and see where it takes you! This one is from @lettersandlaurels.

Keeping it cute and colorful is @ohdeercreative!

Hand lettering isn't just all fancy script calligraphy! @jacycorral shows her range with these fun printed letters.

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Once you've got the techniques down, all holidays become instantly cuter (we're imaging the fanciest gift tags ever).@pandhchalk created this cute Valentine's Day DIY!

@piecescalligraphy is another great account to follow for tips & tricks!

@renmadecalligraphy knows how to make her lettering pop with bright colors!

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@camillerob shows how one concept can be used in different ways and different styles to create awesome art!

@swellcalligraphy's Instagram is filled with quotes!

@jenngietzen just gets me. That is all.

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Well said, @typesetter!

Do you have a favorite calligraphy or hand lettering Instagram? Let us know so we can follow along! Ready to try hand lettering yourself? We've got some of our favorite pens on sale to help you get started (sale ends Jan. 27). Happy Crafting!