15 DIY Projects That Use Nail Polish

Posted by Meghan Quinones

When I think of nail polish I usually equate it to, well, umm...nails! The trend of using nail polish as a crafty paint supply has become super popular over the past year or so. I'm not really sure who started this trend, but it is such a clever idea!

If you think about it, nail polish really is just a small container of paint. So, it totally makes sense that people have been grabbing this beauty supply staple to add pops of color to their DIY projects. Nail polish colors have certainly come a long over the last few years. There are so many colors on the market that are perfect for incorporating into projects that need a little extra pop. I even tried my hand at this trend with some DIY magnets. The bright nail polish I selected gave my metal a cool enamel look. I was pretty exited with the outcome and have been trying to come up with another project where I can incorporate this unlikely supply.

To foster some creative ideas, I figured it was time to create a round-up of all the lovely nail polish projects out there. Below are my favorites. Now, which project to tackle next...

Have you incorporated nail polish into a project before? How did you use it?

Your dinner guests with these Marble paper napkin rings via Warm Hot Chocolate.

This Flower Comb via Amusing Emma because uses glue and nail polish!

Just think of how many Candy Dot Earrings via Minted Strawberry you could make. All you need is your glue gun and some nail polish!

These DIY Striped Sunglasses via Trinkets In Bloom are just what your sunglasses need!

This DIY Painted Wooden Bead Necklace via Pearls and Scissors is the perfect accessory to add to any outfit.

This upcycled nail polish bud vase via Woods of Bell Trees uses the actual nail polish bottle in the project!

Metal and nail polish are the perfect pair in this DIY Fancy Metal Magnet via Blitsy.

Your mug will always be identifiable with this Marble Dipped Mug via House of Hipsters.

If you need affordbale art, this DIY Marbled Art via Mad In Crafts is the perfect solution.

These quick Water marbled drawer knobs via The Pink Doormat will totally change the look of a dresser or nightstand.

Keep your mail and other paper together with these DIY Pretty Paperclips via Laura Wadsworth.

Carry your camera in style with this Camera Bag Re-do via 11 Eureka Blog.

Black nail polish is all you need for this DIY Dashed Plant Pot via Make and Tell.

See how to create your own unique DIY Marbling Ribbon and Paper via Gretchen Gretchen.

Record your thoughts and project ideas with this DIY Marbled Notebook via Tell Love and Chocolate.