14 Upcycles You Need in Your Life

Turn trash to treasure by trying one of these upcycling projects!

Upcycles can be such fun projects; it's amazing to see how someone can turn "trash" into a treasure you never expected. These creative upcycling projects from around the web range from heavy duty to "hey I've got a free half hour." So don't throw out that old _________ (insert toy, container, piece of clothing, etc. here). Take a look a look at these projects and get inspired by what it could become!

These dinosaur bookends are the perfect way to repurpose toys your kids may not play with anymore. Learn how to make their shelves pop with this tutorial from Doodlecraft.

This side table started it's life as a barstool, but Meghan transformed it in just a few simple steps. If you put a piece of furniture in a Chicago alley, girl will find it.

Put your Spring flowers in the spotlight with these simple gold vases. Learn how at Sprinkle of Cinnamon.

Make that vintage teacup collection of yours functional with this pincushion DIY from Crafts on Sea.

Nothing says party like a pinata! Oh Happy Day made these out of cereal boxes.

If you are in the mood for a serious DIY overhaul, this is it. East Coast Creative shows you how to turn a tire into a side table.

Turn a tin can into stylish storage! This is a perfect gift for anyone who has a desk and has things on that desk that need to stay organized. So, pretty much everyone.

An inexpensive bookcase can become a dollhouse your little girl will play with for years. Via Simple as That.

No need to trash all those baby food jars! Turn them into snow globes that will make charming holiday decor (and gifts!). Via Craftaholics Anonymous.

You know who the real MVP is? Wine. Make sure everyone knows it with these glittery trophy bottle stoppers.

Meet the classed-up of the t-shirt quilt. Yellow Suitcase Studio shows you how to transform your old wool sweaters into a cozy blanket.

Who knew you could turn a cereal box into so many things? Meghan used one to make this notebook.

Repurpose an old shutter into creative storage. Via brepurposed.

There's no reason to have all those old t-shirts sitting around in a drawer. One Dog Woof shows you how to turn them into a rug.

Have you made any cool upcycles lately?