13 Perler Bead Project Ideas You're Going to Love

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Perler Beads aren't just for kids crafts. You won't believe some of the amazing projects people have created using these tiny plastic beads.

I remember being obsessed with Perler Beads way back in the day. If you are not familiar with Perler beads, they are tiny little plastic beads that come in an array of colors. Typically the beads are paired with a plastic grid that is used to create different shapes. Once your shape is ready to go, you place a protective piece of paper over your beads and iron it, fusing the beads together. It is so quick and easy to create fun shapes!

I have recently seen projects popping up all over the place showcasing Perler Beads. Let's just say these are not the kid friendly projects I am used to seeing. People have really taken their ideas outside of the box and have made the Perler bead quite classy. That's right, people have incorporated these beads into jewelry, home decor, and even card making. I was amazed at how clever these projects were. Craft Me Happy used her beads to create the most amazing portrait. This beauty is a must-see for sure! If you are looking to branch out of your crafting comfort zone and try a new project, you need to scroll through the list of Perler Bead projects below. Once you see all of the awesomeness, you will not believe that these beads were, once assocaited with kids, could be so classy and modern. Get inspired, and then grab some Perler Beads and get crafting!

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