11 DIY Projects for Your Favorite Teacher

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! These DIY will help you show love to your favorite educator.

Everyone's got a teacher who changed their life or did something they'll never forget, right?

My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Knock (pronounced KA-nock. I realized later in life that this had to have messed up a kid or seventeen over the years). I remember generally enjoying kindergarten and liking her, but there is not a lot more I could really pull from the experience, considering I was six years old and trying to remember my life at that point is basically a blur of shapes and colors.

What I do remember is getting an envelope from her the week I graduated high school, part of the flood of mail you get at that time. But she didn't just send another card from Hallmark. Included in the package was a handwritten letter from her, wishing me well and talking about what I was like in her class, as well as projects I did in her kindergarten class and photos of me from then. And don't think I was special: she did this for every single kid in the class from every single year she taught (my older brother got the package too). WHAT? Aside from being apparently the most organized woman in the entire world, she managed to give hundreds of students a graduation gift they'd always remember.

Teachers like Mrs. Knock are why we have Teacher Appreciation Week! You know that there's a teacher that's made an impact on your life, and this is the time to say thank you! Need some inspiration? I compiled 11 DIY ideas to help show some love to your favorite teacher.

This DIY tote bag is easy to personalize and quick to make!

You know you can't resist a project that involves a mason jar and glitter. Get the steps at A Pumpkin & a Princess.

"Treat yo' self" is the vibe of this DIY gift! Find the free printable at The Resourceful Mama.

Ok, technically you could give this to anyone at anytime, but it's a great way to help add color to a classroom! Get the tutorial at Hello Bee.

Hey, what teacher couldn't use a little extra caffeine boost! Use oil-based paint markers to design a DIY mug they'll love sipping out of.

How cute is this ruler art? Get the steps at Salt & Pepper Moms.

Because sometimes the best way to say thank you is to buy them a drink. Get this wine label printable from Make & Do Crew.

This miniature chalkboard will look perfect on their desk once it's personalized!

Look, children are dirty. Help teachers keep the classroom clean with the simple gift of soap! Add this printable from Eighteen25 & this gift is good to go.

Introduced earlier this year, we've declared the We R Memory Keepers Alphabet Punch Board a must-have for teachers. The 3"x5" letter are the perfect size for bulletin boards and help make the process of cutting out letters quick & easy--once you've been through the letters a time or two you really get in a rhythm! If you're looking for a gift to help a teacher DIY, this is it.

Gift your favorite educator something bright with this DIY colored pencil vase! Get the steps from Thrifty Jinxy.

How are you saying thank you to teachers this week? Do you have a memorable teacher story? Let us know below! Happy Crafting!