11 DIY Projects for People Who are Obsessed With Their Pets

I don't know if you know this, but we're big animal lovers here at Blitsy (just go check out the #blitsydogs hashtag on Instagram. You're welcome.) Being around craft supplies and dogs all day, sometimes we get a little inspired to create for them too! Here are 11 projects from around the Internet that will help you DIY for your pet!

Why should you get to have all the fun with metal-stamped jewelry? Make your four-legged bestie their very own custom stamped tag! Add your phone number juuuust in case they ever need to find their way back home.

This Palm Springs-inspired pet home from A Beautiful Mess is completely adorable! Your cat already thinks they're the fanciest one in the house, so you might as well make it true.

Walk your dog in technicolor with this DIY dog leash from Studio DIY! You'll be one step closer to your pet basically being a Lisa Frank character, which is really the dream, right?

LOOK AT THIS DOG HE IS SO HAPPY ABOUT HIS JACKET. Make your dog happy with this tutorial from We Can Make Anything.

All good pet deserve treats! These DIY treat jars from Live Laugh Rowe will look great in your kitchen or on your desk.

A dog mom's gotta carry all the dog stuff around, doesn't she? Julep shows you how to DIY a tote with your pooch's pic.

Sometime's a pup needs to get fancy! Learn how to create a bow tie for your best guy at Good Dogs & Co.

If your dog is anything like the ones I know, toys probably have a life span of about 20 minutes. Save your money and learn how to make your own from Hello Nature.

Here's a way to dress up your pet without actually making them wear any part of a costume (because some pups are not about that). Blue I Style teaches you how to create these fun coasters!

Sometimes you need to relax and forget about the most recent thing your pet totally destroyed. These DIY wine toppers from Pretty Fluffy can help you out with that.

This DIY pet bowl stand from Centsational Girl helps you keep from tripping over a loose dish on the floor!

What is your favorite furball's name? Have you made any DIYs just for them? Let us know below! Happy Crafting!