10 Snail Mail Instagrams That Will Inspire You for National Letter Writing Month

Did you know April is National Letter Writing Month? Get inspired to send some snail mail with these 10 Instagrams.

There's just something about getting mail--REAL mail--that puts a smile on your face. Not a bill or a magazine, but a letter or card or package that someone took the time to create and send to you personally. Which got me thinking...shouldn't the outside make someone just as happy as what's on the inside?

Turning to Instagram, I found that there are tons of people out there who transform their envelopes into artwork! This has totally inspired me to both send more letters and get more creative with my addressing. In honor of April being National Letter Writing Month, here are 10 Instagrams to inspire your snail mail!

Dressing up your packages can be as simple as grabbing a Sharpie & a sticker, like these from miniaturesforamodernworld.

Still looking for happy mail volunteers, franklyentertaining? We'd love to get one of those cute cards!

Just look at this stack of cards ready to go from paperpoppiesco!

A photo posted by Karen Gall (@kgallevents) on

This envelope from kgallevents is TOTAL hand lettering #goals. I would be so happy to get (or send!) mail like this.

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This letter that wildcardpgh received uses color & illustration in the best way! It's so simple to say it with drawings, isn't it?

These simple details from ginasekelsky are so much fun!

Bright envelopes, plus fancy hand lettered addresses? Your mail will definitely stand out, like these letters from oneandonlypaper!

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This set-up from catebutler looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

A photo posted by ninokviolon (@ninokviolon) on

This envelope from ninokviolin has a simple (and totally true) statement!

Feeling inspired yet? Who are you going to send your next piece of snail mail to, and how are you going to dress it up? Let us know below!