What is a Bullet Journal?

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Many people have recently been asking: "What is a Bullet Journal"? We'll break it down simply for you. This way of planning is a customizable organization system that only requires a notebook and pen!

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If you are like me and find joy in list-making and jotting down your to-dos on paper, you need to get yourself a Bullet Journal. You may be asking yourself: "What is a Bullet Journal?". This question has been circulating around the internet lately. The term itself (along with the concept) is actually relatively new.

When Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal, was in search of an organization system, he wanted something simple to track his to-dos. He wanted a book to store everything important in his life, but in an organized fashion. The system had to be flexible and forgiving. Ryder took what he created (and what worked for him) and turned it into the Bullet Journal (or BuJo for short).

Once Ryder had his organization system in place, he partnered with Leuchttrum1917 to create his ideal book that is designed specifically for Bullet Journaling. The Bullet Journal measures 5.75" wide and 8.25" tall.

At the beginning of the book is a Key with blank grids to create symbols to use along with the main Bullet Journal symbols for tracking tasks.

After the Key is the Index. These 4 lined pages are used to keep track of collections, or lists that correspond with a topic (i.e books to read, project ideas, etc.).

The Future Log is next. These 4 numbered pages have a dot grid allowing you to create whatever layout you want for any scheduled events or any tasks/goals you want to accomplish in the future.

The dot grid pages throughout the book are numbered, which makes organizing and indexing easy. These pages are used for the Monthly log (used to track monthly tasks and consists of a calendar page and a tasks page) and the Daily log (where tasks, events or special notes are recorded).

There are 3 different colored built-in bookmarks to mark frequently referenced collections.

The Tips section, at the end of the book, explains how to Bullet Journal. If you are new to the world of Bullet Journaling these 8 pages of detailed instructions will help you get started.

There is also a gusseted pocket at the back of the book for storing items like post-it-notes and business cards.

So, you now know "What is a Bullet Journal?"- It's a book used for Bullet Journaling, which is a new organization system that is flexible and houses all of your important to-dos (and more!) in one place. What makes this system so amazing is the fact that it doesn't require anything fancy. All you need is a notebook and pen to get started. It really is that simple. Once you get the hang of Bullet Journaling you can create different collections to help organize your life!

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