DIY Perler Bead Earbud Holders

Posted by Roxanne O'Brien
Here's a fun project with Perler beads that's also useful: DIY earbud holders!


  • Perler Fused Bead Tray 2000-pkg-Neutrals 'n Stripes
  • Perler Beads 1000/Pkg-Black
  • Perler Beads 1000/Pkg-Cheddar
  • Perler Fun Fusion Pegboards 5/Pkg-Assorted Clear
  • Low Temp Mini Glue Gun-Blue
  • Multi Temp Mini Glue Sticks

This is a super fun craft to make with your kids. I made a project along with both my two boys, ages 5 and 10. My younger son made his own thing since he doesn't use earbuds yet (headphones for that guy), so he had fun just making whatever he wanted with the beads we had bought.

My oldest and I made earbud holders! I had seen a video on YouTube for these and thought what a perfect project this is for him to hold his earbuds. And he could totally make this himself, with the assistance of me ironing and hot gluing of course! But we both watched the video and he was like, this is so cool. I had him make his earbud holder for school actually. It's small enough to fit in his pencil case and this way, they wouldn't get damaged by getting tangled up.

Let's get started on this project. It's pretty easy, and I'll explain the steps we took. I've included quite a few photos for this one to show you.

Since I'm working with kiddos here, I found the easiest way to have them grab the beads they needed was to put them in bowls. I chose to enjoy the beautiful day we had by working on this project outside on our patio table. It was a big enough space for everyone, and it was just too nice to sit inside to be honest!

I keep a stack of these little plastic bowls, leftover from one of our birthday parties, and we use them for all sorts of things like this - holding beads, water for painting, and more. It's easier for little hands to grab the beads out of.

You can choose to keep your beads separated by color, as you'll see above, or you can just mix them all up. I did that with the other set we bought as you will see. Mostly because I opened the packaging upside down! Whoops!

Start by choosing which pegboard you'd like. There are a variety of fun shapes and sizes. We got the multi-pack so we could have a bunch of different shapes to choose from. The one you see above that's yellow is actually from another small kit that we had purchased. I just keep them in a bag with our crafting supplies.

My youngest had ideas of what he wanted to do, so he chose his own color beads to work with. This is a wonderful crafting project to have children who need to develop their fine motor skills with as it helps them by grasping and placing these round little beads onto the pegboard. And who said learning can't be fun?

My oldest knew he wanted to make ear bud holders, so he started off with a circular pegboard. I'd definitely recommend that shape to start with.

Now for ear bud holders, you want to make a top and bottom and middle times two. For the top, you want to make a full circle shape. Then, you will remove 3 beads from the left and right. These become your notches for your earbuds and the connector for your earbud cord. It will make sense when you see the finished project, but this is the key to making these pearler beads into this particular project!

For the bottom, you'll want to mimic the same as you did for the top, but make it a full circle.

Your inner circles (make two of these) ill be a full circular shape, BUT the key here is to make them 2 beads smaller. So when you look at your pegboard, you'll see two rows of pegs on your board empty. This allows enough room to wrap your cord around them when it's all finished!

After you make your shapes on your pegboard as you want them, the next step is to iron them. Included in your bead kits or your pegboard package, you'll find the ironing sheets. You can also purchase additional sheets for future projects as well. I used one sheet for all the projects we made.

Set your iron to a medium/low heat. It takes a bit to fuse the beads together, but the higher the heat, the more the beads will actually melt. And if part of your project is more melted together, that's okay! (You'll notice my son's projects are near perfect and mine I got a little more fusion than I wanted!)

Here is what the pieces look like when they're ironed together. You can easily make holiday ornaments out of these or keychains!

Here is the start of part of my holder. I decided to make a giant s'more! This would be the chocolate piece for the inside.

This is the other fun part about doing your crafting projects outside - you can hang with your dog! My Finn loves to be outside especially with us, so this was the perfect place to craft!

This is the step where we assemble all the pieces that we made! Here is where you can see the notched areas, and that the two interior pieces are smaller. I naturally ran out of the lighter color beads for my graham cracker bottom, but I just improvised with what's in the kit! No big deal to me. It's a s'more after all, and let's admit it, they're not perfect but oh so tasty!

You're going to want to glue your interior piece to the bottom, then next glue your other interior piece on top of that and then the top. Just be sure to line them up because one you glue them down with the glue gun, that's where they will stay.

I used a low temp glue gun for this particular project; just be sure to work quickly!

Here you can see where I've glued the chocolate to the bottom, and then the marshmallow on top of that.

And here is the complete s'more earbud holder!

This is what the s'more holder looks like from the side, with and without the earbuds wrapped around.

This is the view from the top of my s'more with the cord wrapped around.

This is my oldest's earbud holder all glued together. How cool are those striped beads?! They come in all different colors, too. I see Minecraft inspired projects in his future...

And here is his finished earbud holder. I hope you're inspired to create some of your own. If you search for "perler bead earbud" on YouTube, you'll find a bunch of fun and creative projects to replicate. Happy crafting!